Retail store audit checklists

Are you looking for a retail store audit template, a retail store audit questionnaire or a shop audit tool? Cockpit is an innovative open-source and Saas solution to increase your business performance. Create and manage your own questionnaires and dashboards through our solution.

Why are checklists so important in retail store network efficiency?

Hundreds of hours spent in designing the best sale concept! Customer panels love it. Influencers adore it... However, some stores do great but others don’t. Even online sales don’t meet expectations! In marketing conversion, it is the last 5% effort that makes a deal happen. Tiny little details that seem harmless make the customer experience lousy, the brand image weak and overall sales performance poor. Checklists prevent forgetting those numerous nitty gritty details one may feel helpless with when facing them. They help training on the spot and acquiring the right reflex-habits. When digitalized and centralized, they also help share best practices and adjust planning. With well-designed checklists, Cockpitlabs helps you organize your store network properly!

5 sec?

In a store, everything should be understandable within 5 seconds. That’s what the saying says!

  • Too many, not enough or ill-located displays that prevent finding one’s way, escalators, counter or even the product itself.
  • Great promotions displayed in the store windows but no signage in the store to find them!
  • Unidentifiable staff members who are all around the place but customers don’t see them.

  • Why use checklists? ... Maybe because we are just humans!

    More than 40% promotions and product launches fail to deliver expectations due to displays that fail to be executed properly. Abandoned baskets are usually due to a frustrated client whether because of a shortage in a product or missing staff to answer a question or illogical organization of the store and the like. Moreover, online conversion is closely correlated to store display of the products. More generally, the overall customer experience with the brand and the retail network brand must be reinforced on a constant basis. Let’s face it: store management is a hard and complex job. And we are just humans! You need to keep your smile on your face ... and be authentic! Lighten your burden and adopt the right tools: checklists is one of the most effective ones.


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