Create your checklists

create/clone/modify questionnaires with dozens of answer types:
  • yes/no
  • toggle
  • scale
  • MCQ
  • photos
  • select & multiselect
  • date
  • numbers
  • and more...
  • Manage users & groups

    import your people and organisation or manage your groups, roles & hierarchy in order to write or read checklists, access dashboards and scoring...

    analyse your feed-backs

    complete dashboard with:
  • benchmarks
  • scoring
  • filters
  • progressions
  • and a lot more
  • Photo gallery

    automatically extract all the pics from your questionnaires to display and filter them in the photo gallery

    A large choice of features to fit to your business

    Nice & easy-to-use front-end

    • responsive design for mobile and tablet
    • multi-language configuration
    • secured and SSO compatible authentication
    • simple interface
    • dozens of pre-formated question types
    • dictation software compatible
    • embedded modifiable picture module

    Complete dashboard and gallery

    Visualise all reports and checklists with:

    • scoring on each question
    • benchmark between entities and inner themes
    • photo gallery

    Filter the results by:

    • entities & groups
    • dates & periods
    • folders & checklists

    A rich interface to manage checklists, users & groups

    Create your users & groups

    • import hierarchies, groups & people
    • inherits groups rights
    • manage authentication processes

    Manage your checklists

    • create, clone & modify your folders & checklists
    • benefit from dozens of existing question types (yes/no, scales, photos, comments, multi-select, conditional questions…)
    • score your answers
    • manage your calendars
    • manage checklists & folders attribution