1 December 2021

The incident report: a key document for your company

Despite all the preventive measures you take in your company, an incident can still happen. It is then crucial to record all the elements concerning this […]
1 October 2021

A Standard Operating Procedure for every activity

What do the terms SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) mean? What is their role in the company? And why are they a […]
23 September 2021

Protecting your staff and customers: the emergency exit

Your company or business welcomes your employees, visitors and customers, it is your responsibility to ensure their safety, especially in case of disaster. Several situations can […]
14 September 2021

The essential HACCP method

The HACCP method (for “Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point”) is a method developed to guide good practices in food safety. It is an essential guide for […]
28 July 2021

A new risk in enterprise : COVID-19

The world is suffering from a new virus that emerged in late 2019 in China. Vaccines have been developed but the fight against the spread of […]
27 July 2021

A key document: the cleaning and disinfection plan.

Working and receiving customers in a healthy environment requires flawless organization
27 July 2021

The 5 Whys

The 5 Whys method is based on a series of simple questions to determine the source of a problem. It is thus a very good tool for quality in a company.
27 July 2021

Knowing how to manage non-compliance: an asset

One of the foundations of a quality approach in a company is to set up systems capable of detecting possible quality defects. The analysis of these failures allows to find the causes and to imagine solutions; it is the management of non-compliance, it must be a source of progress. It is one of the criteria for obtaining ISO 9001 certification, a guarantee of quality
16 July 2021

Lean Management or your organization’s backbone

Lean management, is much more than a fitness treatment to eliminate “fat”, lower costs, or gain productivity points and hopefully improve financial performance. Lean is a […]